Unlock Your Team’s Unique Superpowers to Help Bravely Build a Better World.

Misalignment of Purpose, People and Profit Is One Of The Most Damaging Obstacles Mission-Driven Businesses Face In Their Pursuit Of Making the World A Better Place. It Leads to Culture Corrosion, Impact Dilution, Revenue Loss, Leadership Burnout, Increased Turnover Rates, And The Tragic Waste of Already Limited And Precious Resources.

But We Can Help.

The Bravery Strategy Specialize In Identifying The Root Causes Of Our Clients’ Business Challenges And Developing Tailored Strategies To Help Them Align Their Purpose, People, And Profit- Unlocking Their Team’s Unique Superpowers For Achieving Sustainable Impact.

We Help Our Clients Be The Change They Want To See In The World

We help you Find your Freedom.

Freedom To:

  • Move Beyond Micromanaging
  • Mentor Your Replacement
  • Delegate More Authority
  • Increase Your Impact
  • Innovate & Take More Risks
  • Make & Learn From Mistakes

We help you harness your brave.

Brave Enough To:

  • Trade sabotage in for strength
  • Own Your Story
  • Aim Higher & Risk More
  • Have Difficult Conversations
  • Question Your Assumptions
  • Inspire yourself and others

Unlock Your Superpowers!

Meet Your Guides

Tim McDiarmid


Tim’s passion is people. She founded and scaled 4 of her own companies and, in doing so, realized that her true calling is building healthy teams with accountability and buy-in. Tim implemented The Entrepreneur Operating System in her company 5 years ago and did extensive training within this platform. One could say she learned from the inside out in real time. 

An active member of Entrepreneur Organization, a global network of over 16,000 diverse leaders focused on the expansion of healthy organizations, and cohort member of the elite 2019 James Beard Foundation fellows, she regularly participates in conferences and cutting-edge learning events focused on issues pertaining to company culture, building strong teams, and drawing the purpose and passion out of organizations so that together, they can contribute to a positive global shift in the nature of business. 

It wasn’t until she began working with a business coach that she’s been able to successfully working herself out of the day-to-day of her businesses and is now passionate about helping other successful purpose-driven leaders do the same. 

Tim’s superpower is her ability to ask the right hard questions that help people share their true feelings and goals openly and honestly. Tim is a deeply honest and skilled communicator and boundary-setter extraordinaire.

If you are looking to set healthy productive systems so that you can work your way out of your company and set yourself free, Tim can help get you there.

Anne Wolfe-Andersen


Anne is a gifted leadership, executive, and business coach and consultant who’ll transform the way you see your business, your challenges—and yourself.

Before building a successful consultancy and coaching company, she was her own first client. Raising a child on her own while completing college and overcoming homelessness helped her develop a bulletproof belief in the powerful possibilities available when you’re brave enough to reframe and use your story as your strategy and are willing to pivot and innovate as you go.

Currently a graduate student in the University of Texas at  Austin’s executive MA program, The Human Dimensions of Organizations Anne studies the link between connected company cultures, meaning-making, and success within mission-driven businesses. Her passion and life’s work is to help achieve social change, normalize diversity, and support other non-traditional business leaders and their teams through community-building among and within both public and private organizations.

As Co-Founder of The Bravery Strategy, she uses her rare combination of experience, insight, and certifications as a 6 Levers Organizational Operating System framework and Organizational and Executive Leadership Coach to help mission-driven business leaders, entrepreneurs, and their teams effectively break through their perceived limitations, align seemingly competing priorities, and harness the “brave” necessary to keep both social and business goals aligned and in focus while inspiring others to do the same.

The 6 Levers Organizational Operating System framework is a comprehensive organizational operating system specifically created to help mission-driven organizations align their purpose, people, and profits to optimize their impact. 

Comprehensive yet flexible, this tool allows teams to start implementing whichever part of the framework makes sense for them- whether that’s establishing team habits, developing team cohesion, or goal-setting. 

Wherever you’re starting from, 6 Levers meets your team where you are, providing a powerful framework that aligns all aspects of your company to rapidly improve culture, impact, and efficiency.

Freedom To:
Brave Enough To:

We guarantee more clarity and confidence in the first week!

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The Bravery Strategy is NOT another pre-recorded course. It is live mindset coaching and business mentorship. Our methodology helps you build a whole new life in just six months.