Frequently Asked Questions

We use the term “mission-driven” very broadly. If people and purpose are at least almost as important to you as profits, we consider you a “mission-driven” business. 

We specialize in working with business leaders who want to contribute something positive to the world beyond only making money- even if that’s just making sure their employees and customers are well taken care of. 

Want to become a “mission-driven” business but not sure how? We’re happy to help you with that, too!

Coaching has a lot to do with asking the right questions to help individuals and small groups tap into the inner knowledge and expertise their rational mind often limits ready access to. 

Good coaching helps individuals and teams solve seemingly impossible problems, overcome self-imposed limitations, discover blindspots, and reconcile cognitive dissonance.

We do not always use the 6 Levers Framework. We have found, however, that starting most engagements with an Organizational Health Assessment is invaluable for helping identify core issues behind the surface-level symptoms which saves most organizations time, money, and a whole lot of headache in the long run.

We are happy to provide stand-alone workshops, training, and retreats but for addressing significant challenges auditing systems, processes, culture, and resources is paramount to developing an effective strategy. 

We do sometimes offer our own retreats for business leaders and entrepreneurs. 

We can also organize and facilitate tailored-for-you team retreats with enough advance notice and the right budget. 

Need a workshop or speaker for your retreat? Or know of one you think we’d be a great fit for? We’d love to take a look to see if it’s a good fit!

Send us a note through our Contact Page with all the details including where, when, budget, length and format of engagement, topics of interest, details/ links to the event, and any other details you think are relevant and we’ll review if it aligns with our current schedule and priorities.

  • Having difficult conversations
  • Leading With Empathy
  • Building Your Leadership Coaching Skills
  • Transitioning from “Bud” to Boss
  • Leading Remote or Hybrid Teams
  • Additional Tailored-For-You Workshops

If there’s alignment between our respective schedules and expectations- Absolutely.

Every coaching and consulting engagement is unique to the individual or organization. We can do half-day workshops, weekend retreats, a six-week coaching program, or a six-twelve month engagement and beyond. It really depends on the specific needs, budgets, and buy-in for each situation.

Because each engagement is unique, it would be impossible to give even a ballpark of rates. However, we sell our services on the value they bring to each client and do not compete on price. If budget is of a deep concern for you, we may not be the best fit for your needs but plan to build out pre-recorded and sliding-scale offerings in the future.

Once you contact our team, we will set up a “right fit” conversation to determine if our respective needs and expectations align. Depending on specifics of that conversation, we may transition to a Capabilities or Discovery Conversation. Once we understand your needs in more detail, we’d like to speak to your decision making team to present our recommendations and discuss whether it makes sense to move forward with an engagement.

We provide this coaching either on-on-one with entrepreneurs and business leaders but can tailor this program for teams or groups of friends/ colleagues as well.

Absolutely! Book a call or drop us a line and we can discuss further!

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